Band : The Lidocaine
Album title : Voices And Noices Of Kiling Koling
Label : Own release
Distributor : / TSM/SLW Promotion Agency
Release date : June 2009 (digital on 23/10/2009)
Release : CD

This Helsinki (Finland) based Rock/ Metal trio with Progressive leanings, consisting of singer/ guitarist Anthony Rausku, singer/ bassist Eroz, and drummer Janne Hakuli came into existence during December 2007. Two years later they were putting the finishing touches to their 10-track debut full-length (with recording (parts of which they video-recorded, to make for a 45-minute “Making Of” featurette), while occasionally posting some of the finished songs on their MySpace. By the way, Anthony and Eroz each sing their own songs, and each wrote half of the material.

They now started looking for a label to release the finished product, but eventually decided to release the album themselves, which they did in June of last year. And in October they had managed to get the album available for (paid) download from most of the online sales websites (Amazon, Napster, iTunes, Play, Reactions started coming in, some of the more positive of which (usually speaking in superlatives) the band posted on their own website A couple of excerpts? “...Blending intelligent and blistering compositions, heavy riffs, and a strong sense of melody...(the album)...should stimulate your interest in Heavy Progressive Rock...(Craig Hartranft of www.; “...All the songs here are very solid and well performed and given the right exposure I believe The Lidocaine could do quite well internationally, if not quite setting the world on fire...” (Barry Gennard of www.; and it goes on in that same mood...only one reviewer (Joe Geesin of www. posted talks about the vocals being “...a little rough...”!

And in my personal opinion it this “roughness” (in the case of one of the two singers one would be more correct to say annoyingly “heady”, and in both cases the first listening session already reveals that although the guys have rehearsed the words of their lyrics to near perfection, there's an apparent tonality from singing in a language which is not quite one's own). Pity, because the music truly IS good! Catchy tunes with freaky little guitar bits...what could one want more? Well, as I see it, given the appropriate backing of a label and/or promotion/ touring agency, this band may indeed do relatively well in most European countries. The question is: will they get that chance, when there's certainly other bands out there equally deserving of a break, and those with far better singers too! Anyway, when push comes to shove, this is only my personal opinion, and as there's no accounting for taste, each and everyone has to make up his/ her own mind about this band. Check out a total of 5 songs off the album at (for samples of all 10 songs check the music player at www. Apparently the band has already begun rehearsals for a sophomore release.